Sunday, November 05, 2006

Doctor Flanagan, I presume?

Donal was professor of dogmatic theology at Maynooth and in midlife he left the priesthood and resigned his academic post. After a year with the Irish Press he joined RTE and eventually became assistant controller.

I believe that the experience of remaking his life softened him. He managed to be empathetic with colleagues who were half his age - and I was struck by the extent to which unbelieving colleagues wanted to engage him about religion. We've now lost touch, although we had kept contact for years. He and his wife Eileen (who was Tim Pat Coogan's PA at the Irish Press) live in Tinahely, County Wicklow.

He was 'Doctor' Flanagan in reality. Seamus Heaney, one of FCA's 'country members', so to speak, delighted in conferring the soubriquet 'doctor' on all and sundry, hence 'Doctor' Sweeney, 'Doctor' O Conluain, 'Doctor Sheedy' etc.

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Póló said...

I got Brian Reynolds to bring me back a Uher reel to reel stereo recorder from Germany.

He then persuaded me to part with one of the two mikes to give to Donal.

So I remain mono to this day.