Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brendan and Rodney - Canada 1978

It's many years since I last met Rodney. Working with him was a real rite of passage for a young producer: he was demanding, tetchy and difficult (albeit often with good reason). But a pro - and very loyal. Rodney was a Belfast Protestant who moved south and settled there. Under Muiris MacConghail's editorship, he was a reporter with television's 7 Days, and then followed Muiris to Henry Street when Muiris became HFCA.

The pic above was taken in Quebec City on one of the strangest foreign trips that Michael Littleton ever commissioned. I must have been the first and last RTE Radio producer to have chartered a seaplane. This was to visit the hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea. I remember Rodney's t-shirt from that visit, which he wore proudly ("University of Tuktoyaktuk - Tuk U"). The pic below was taken in Banff National Park in Alberta by a ranger from Parks Canada who was very hospitable to us.

More to say about RR - will add to this post later.

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