Sunday, November 05, 2006

Open plan

I had to play around with this picture electronically to work out who was in shot, as it was really underexposed. No question about Valerie Kane, facing camera, who's still with RTE, while facing her is (I think) Ann Daly.

This is Rose Doyle, who was a reporter with both Day to Day and Women Today, and now a rather successful novelist. This photo was taken when we met in Paris several years after I left RTE.

--- while this is Catherine Hogan, one of the sterling continuity announcers.(Does RTE Radio still have announcers?)


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I don't think RTE radio have announcers any more, what a pity. Catherine Hogan had a lovely voice.

Anonymous said...

Catherine Hogan continues to air her lovely voice on RTE Radio One alongside her talented colleagues in Presentation Radio.

Brendan McCarthy said...

Very glad to hear it!

Póló said...

Regarding the demise of announcers and continuity suites, you may be interested in this post.