Sunday, November 05, 2006


Strangely this is the only pic I have of Marian, and an uncharacteristic one at that. She had been the first presenter of Women Today and she and Clare Duignan left after a very successful first series, Clare to RTE television, Marian to an ill-starred association with Vincent Browne on a new women's magazine.

Marian returned for the Studio 1 debate, where this pic was taken (there are some 20 pix from that broadcast which I will post over time).

I produced Women Today's second series, and I will write about it(Nell and Bishop Newman etc), when I post the complete set of pix taken in Studio 1.


Red Mum said...

That is a fantastic pic, really brilliant.

Brendan McCarthy said...

Red Mum - thanks for what you say. I've been looking at your blog too and I'll be back. It's great!