Monday, November 06, 2006


Diarmuid is one of the legends of the radio service. Stories about him are legion and are scarcely exaggerated in the retelling. He joined in 1968, the year of Round The Clock Radio. Incredibly the radio service broadcast then for an hour in the morning, two hours at lunchtime, and from 5.00 to 11.00 at night. Diarmuid along with Brian Reynolds, the late Howard Kinlay, Michael O'Donnell was recruited by Donncha O'Dulaing, who succeeded Francis MacManus, the old head of features.

Extraordinarily, Diarmuid still works for RTE. This picture was taken in Paris in Summer 1987 - the year that Stephen Roche won the Tour de France. Obviously much more to say about Diarmuid, and more pix to follow.