Sunday, June 07, 1981

Community Radio West

Community Radio West, based in Castlebar, and on which I worked with Tom Manning, was one of my last projects for RTE.

Because there are so many pix, I intend to post them all on a dedicated website and to start adding them in February 2007. I will also post some of the more resonant pix on this site.


Anonymous said...

In the final stages of a thesis on the RTE Sound archive,I have just come across this site...some lovely photos...which evoke some wonderful memories. My love affair with Sound Archives such that it is - as any I have met will tell you has seen me 'get' if that is the word every person one would have on a wish list for same...shame there are no 'sound archive' photos on this, perhaps you have a few?and/or the memories to go with them? Believe me the kindness I have been shown has at times left me overwhelmed, and my life all the richer for all those I have met.

Brendan McCarthy said...

I'm grateful for your very kind words. I really wish I could help you with photographs and rue the fact that I did not take many more at the time. Pretty well everything I have is online now. If I come across other photos, I will of course publish them here. Brendan

dermur said...

I think I can dig up the pic (RTE Guide) of Diarmaid O Muirithe aka Dad. He doesn't have a head for heights, so I don't know how they got him up the ladder

TPEditor said...

I found my way here while looking for info on the old Radio Eireann days, except that I was harking back to the 1950s when my mother, May White was a p.a. in Henry Street until she had to take mandatory retirement when she married, as they would say, 'da accter ... tee pee mckenna'.

Priceless pictures all and fascinating reminiscence.

Stephen McKenna

Aifric Ni Mhuirithe (daughter) said...

Photo with Diarmaid O Muirithe is on front cover of RTE Guide 1972

Vol 9 no 24, june 9th 1972

Ona ladder in long room Trinity College.
Aifric Ni Mhuirithe (daughter)